Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is a herbal extract obtained from the Tribulus Terrestris plant. During the 1990s, it was noticed by the health & fitness community. The Bulgarian Olympic team asserted that they utilized Tribulus Terrestris to increase their performance and hence the supplement got the name as Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. Furostanol saponins – the active component found in Tribulus Terrestris improves the level of testosterone and provides an enhanced sex drive.


At present, it has become renowned not only among the sportspersons, but also among individuals who desire to improve their sex drive as well as their general health. This article provides additional information on its working mechanism and in what way it is beneficial to the users. Furostanol saponins are the major beneficial component found in Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. Furostanol saponins – steroidal saponins augmenting the LH (luteinizing hormones) levels in your physique. LH is vital for the reproduction and stimulates the male testes and female ovaries. Therefore, it assists in improving testosterone levels in the physique. Testosterone is a hormone pertaining to muscle mass & sex drive and when an individual has testosterone deficiency – it leads to numerous health problems such as depression, low sex drive & obesity. By consuming the Tribulus Terrestris supplement, a person can defeat these health issues.

Other reasons why Tribulus Terrestris is very much renowned among sportspersons are it assists in improving their stamina, muscle building and performance.
The Furostanol saponins present in it help in securing a uniform flow of blood in the muscles. In this manner, all of the nutrients are properly used by the muscle, which helps in proper muscle and overall bodybuilding.

Improved libido

Men, as they become old, face the problem of decreased sex drive and libido. At times, it is mainly due to the reduction of testosterone levels. Testosterone is a vital male hormone that improves production of sperms and male sex organ development.
This health supplement can be obtained from all the well-known outlets across the globe. A good number of Tribulus Terrestris capsules were clinically tested and offered fruitful results. These pills contain 40% for each serving, one of the maximum levels accessible at present. These drugs do not contain any sweetener, flavour, or artificial color. Likewise these pills have, no starch, no sugar, no lactose, no milk, no gluten, no soy, no wheat, no fish, no yeast, and is absolutely free from sodium.

Recommended dosage

It is suggested that in a day, you take three times, a dosage of 85 to 250 mg. This recommended intake is very safe and beneficial for your health.

Related hazards/inspection

Even though no considerable side effects were identified with the normal commercially sold tribulus supplements, animal researches have recommended the probability of muscle coordination turbulences subsequent to tribulus ingestion in ridiculously high quantities.

Increases the level of testosterone and libido

Researches reveal that Tribulus Terrestris is capable of curing sexual problems and assist the user in gaining an enhanced sex drive. It assists in preserving the strength, muscle tone & stamina. However, to get the best outcomes, experts suggest that while taking this health supplement, proper diet and exercise regime must also be adopted so as to get the anticipated effects.
Overall, Tribulus Terrestris is a vital supplement that helps innumerable individuals suffering from low levels of testosterone to have an enhanced sex drive. Though this health issue occurs normally in old people, now it has been widely found even in the younger groups as they are exposed to enormous stress.
The advantages of Tribulus Terrestris is not restricted to just an anabolic plant that augments endurance. This herb is very efficient in combating fatigue, lower energy levels, as well as assists in stabilizing the nervous system, making it less susceptible to stress. It can be used by individuals who have crossed above 40 years of age. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris minimizes the troubles accompanying menopause & andropause not to mention that it strengthens the cardiovascular system. All these beneficial features facilitate the user to attain deep & healing sleep.

Side effects

No apparent side effects are known. However, occasionally some slight stomach upsets can be experienced by some users. This may be the reaction of the consumed food with this supplement. Normally it is suggested to take natural food. Avoid consuming coffee and other caffeine foods as they create harmful reactions. Likewise, if you happen to be a pregnant and lactating mother then it is advisable not to consume this supplement.

Experts’ opinions

As per the opinion of the experts, Tribulus are found to control the different hormones of the body, particularly the ones connected to sexuality & reproductive system. Dissimilar to other supplements like Cialis & Viagra – Tribulus does not artificially increase testosterone level however it controls it. If the testosterone level in an individual is decreased, then Tribulus initiates actions to increase its concentration, likewise if a person has a high amount of testosterone, than it strives to control it. Because of this the drug is regarded as a safe and beneficial herb.
In general, Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris is a worthy medicine to invest your hard-earned money. Furostanol saponins, the vigorous component present in it help to offer you the expected results.