Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is a tiny plant of perennial type which grows in an extensive local habitat that finds the most favorable conditions for its growth in Bulgaria and in some other parts of the south-east Europe. It is a tiny spiky plant with the yellow shaded flowers. They are called by various slang names by different people in various areas. In Bulgaria the fruits are called “Babini zabi” which in translation means “Grandmother’s teeth”.


Even though for several centuries this plant is utilized for Indian & Chinese medicinal therapies. From the 1970s, Tribulus Terrestris has become well known. A group of Bulgarians carried out a research in the early part of the 1970s and found out that there is a connection between Tribulus extract consumption and the enhancement of testosterone levels in the infertile men.

Enhancement of stamina

The belief of consuming Tribulus that lead to increased level of testosterone originated after this research and strongman Jeffrey Peterman publicized this belief in a short span of time Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris become renowned amid the body builders and individuals started utilizing this plant extract to enhance their stamina & libido at their gyms and homes.
Nowadays the Tribulus herb is easily accessible in both offline and online health outlets across the globe and is the most significant component in the several health supplements intended for men’s vigor, wellbeing health & energy. You can have look at the list of the available men’s health supplement and majority of them possesses somewhere T.terrestris extract in the ratio of 20:1 power, however does it really work? The most vigorous extract of the Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris plant is in ratio dry herb:extract = 50:1 kg which has proven to be the most effective amongst most of the supplements offered on the market.

Animal researches

Regrettably, the actual Bulgarian research’s outcomes were found to be uncertain for the average human beings, as the research took into consideration only the men with fertility issues. From then, there have been very minute definite particulars to connect this plant extract to the testosterone’s enhanced levels in the vigorous men who do not face any fertility disorders.
A majority of the data in support of the plant’s extract originates from animal tests. The animal experiments conducted on rats, rabbits, cocks, bees and also on primates have constantly revealed that animals confirmed increased performance and other mating pertinent behaviors subsequent to consuming the plant extract. Whether this information is factual or not, the plant extract’s popularity has increased into manifolds both as the option of supplements intended for the thousand of pills to make the men look more masculine, as well as preference of supplements for body builders & other sportspersons. This trend still persists.
Though researches are still continuing to ascertain the performance of this herb, meanwhile it still appears to be the most significant herb in the male health commerce.

Advantages of Tribulus Terrestris suffering from the sexual disorders.

As a flowering plant, Tribulus Terrestris is found in regions across Asia, Europe in the arid and tropical regions. It is believed to enhance the sexual activity, sperm’s volume & excellence in addition to definite fierceness. At present it forms a vital component of a lucrative business. Since the herb’s major function is to improve the testosterone level, this plant extract is often regarded as a safe, herbal steroid. While the other sex steroids in the long run, is found to be harmful in curing sexual dysfunction, Tribulus Terrestris plant extract is found to increase the testosterone optimal stages and thereby assists in healing and averting the sexual dysfunctions.


This plant extract possess protodioscin which is believed to be the operational agent. In the experiments conducted on animals it is regarded to stimulate the nitric oxide’s discharge in the corpus cavernosum tissue as well as statistically improves the level of sex hormones like dehydroepiandrosterone, testosterone and, dihydrotestosterone. The animal researches exhibited enhanced sexual behaviors. However the human studies do not show much result and has too much variation. Most of the research was performed by one of the Bulgaria’s largest Tribulus & health products manufacturer. These researches corroborate that this herb enhances the level of testosterones, sperm quantity & quality, sex drive, libido, etc.
Fortunately there is a broad customer base which authenticates these assertions. Particularly frequently it is found that after consuming the herb, the user’s erectile functions & libido is found to have increased. Plenty of researches were conducted on the enhanced testosterone level’s outcomes particularly on the aged and middle aged men who were suffering from reduced testosterone levels.

Recommended dosage

Consuming 1,2 – 1,5 of the Tribulus Terrestris dry extract (50:1) is found to be the recommended dosage. A few states that it should be consumed prior to going to sleep, as it is found that during the sleep, a insulin spike occurs which helps in increasing the testosterones, however most of the people take it distributed equally 3 times a day, the effects begins to become visible in less than 3 weeks. While purchasing the Tribulus Terrestris ensure that you buy its extract and not the plant, as only the extract contains protodioscin in sizable amounts. The herb’s effects are minimal if you happened to naturally possess a good amount of testosterone. The plant extract works effectively only on individuals with low testosterone levels. If you found to have testosterone of 25+ then you can take this plant extract when compared to the younger lot, the middle aged and aged men are found to attain more beneficial results.
On the whole it is one of the swiftest and safest methods of curing the sexual dysfunctions. I am a bodybuilder I previously took some health steroid pills, but did not get the anticipated results. But when I took this plant extract, I experienced fantastic outcomes. I acquire the required vigor and shape for my physique.

Read the customers reviews

A words of caution at this juncture never negotiate on quality for price. The internet is crammed with genuine online as well as dubious outlets. The fake agencies sell pills at very cheap price which will not be beneficial to you. It is advisable to make a meticulous research. You can go through the customer reviews of a particular outlet which sells Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. Check whether they are satisfied with pills; once you are okay with the outcome of your research you can place an online order to get the pills.